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Orthodontic Frequently Asked Questions – Frisco, TX

Answering Your Questions about Orthodontic Care

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Do I need to be referred by my general/pediatric dentist to schedule an appointment with an orthodontist?

No, you do not. Many of our patients are referred by their general/pediatric dentist, yet many other patients take the initiative to schedule an examination themselves.

At what age should I schedule an appointment for my child to have an orthodontic screening?

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends an orthodontic screening at age 7. By this age, several permanent teeth have erupted in most children, allowing us to effectively evaluate the orthodontic condition.

Will my teeth straighten out as they grow?

No, they will not. The space available for the front teeth does not increase as you grow. In most people, after the permanent molars erupt, the space available for the front teeth decreases with age.

How do I schedule an appointment for an initial exam?

If you or your child can potentially benefit from orthodontic treatment, simply call our orthodontic office, send us an email, or fill out our appointment request form online and we will be happy to schedule an appointment for you.

What will happen at the initial examination appointment?

Each patient and parent will be seen by Dr. Buchwald and his team who will acclimate you to our orthodontic office and prepare you for the initial exam. We will take the necessary photographs and x-rays to allow us to make a proper diagnosis. Dr. Buchwald will complete an examination and explain in depth his findings and any recommendations for treatment.

How much will braces cost? Are financing options available? How does my insurance work?

It is impossible to give an exact cost for treatment until we have examined you and formulated a treatment plan. We will cover the exact cost and financial options during the initial examination. We provide many financing options to accommodate your needs and we will review these with you. We will also review your insurance policy and help to maximize your benefit and file your claims.

How often will I have appointments?

Our appointments are scheduled according to each patient’s individual needs. Most patients in braces will be seen every 5 to 10 weeks. However, there are sometimes specific situations that require more or less frequent appointments and we will schedule those accordingly.

Do braces hurt?

Generally, braces do not hurt. After certain visits, teeth may be sore for a few days. In these situations, pain medications such as Advil or Tylenol will ease the discomfort.

Can I return to school the day I get my braces?

Yes, there is no reason to miss school because of an orthodontic appointment.

Do You Give Shots?

No, shots are not necessary in orthodontic treatment.

Do you use recycled braces?

Absolutely not. It is our belief that each patient should be provided with their own new individual prescription braces to achieve the best orthodontic result possible.

Can I still play sports?

Yes, we recommend wearing a mouth guard to protect your teeth and braces. Be sure to ask us which mouthguards are best to wear with braces.

Do I need to see my general/pediatric dentist while in braces?

Yes, regular cleanings with your dentist are important while in braces. Your dentist will help determine the interval between cleaning appointments that is best for you.

Are there foods I cannot eat while I have braces?

Yes, there are. Once your treatment begins we will provide you with a comprehensive list of foods to avoid. A general rule of thumb is that anything too hard (ice, hard candies, nuts) can break off a brace/wire and anything too sticky (sticky candies, gum, taffy) can pull off a brace/wire or get stuck in your braces/wires.

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